Updating Build Config

Now we need to update solution-to-project Build Configuration mapping.

Solution Configuration Dropdown Please start with bringing up Solution Configuration Manager.

Then select “DebugMySQL from the “Active solution configuration dropdown and change all executable project configuration mappings from “DebugPostgress” to “DebugMySQL”:

to =>

Please do the same for the ReleaseMySQL solution configuration: map executable project context configurations to “ReleaseMySQL”

FYI, each project that has “XxxxxMySQL” configuration, has MYSQL conditional compilation constant defined for the project: Project conditional constant

(Same is true for “XxxxxPostgres” and “XxxxxSqlServer”: they have POSTGRES and SQLSERVER respective build constants defined.)

The process of creating “DebugMySQL” and “ReleaseMySQL” project build configurations is tedious and not very relevant to this module’s goals, so these two project build configurations are provided out of the box, rather than guiding lab participants here to create them manually.

Finally, please ensure DebugMySQL solution configuration is selected in the “Solution Configurations” dropdown.