MySQL Support

This chapter will guide you through the process of adding support for MySQL to the Unicorn Store application and to infra-as-code projects. MySQL is an open source, cross-platform, relational database that can be run in a cloud, on premises, or locally on developer workstation free of charge.

This set of steps builds on the existing, multi-database-friendly architecture of the Unicorn Store application, which already supports MS SQL Server and open-source PostgreSQL, while requiring only modest changes to the code of executable projects in the Solution.

Although the amount of work to add C# code enabling MySQL support is fairly modest, if you’d rather not do that, feel free to fast-forward by following these steps:

  1. Check out cdk-module-completed Git branch, that has all required changes, so you could run the app locally and/or compare cdk-module git branch with cdk-module-completed.
  2. Use AWS online Console to modify “Source” stage of the pipeline, by editing the Action and changing the value of the “Branch Name” field from “cdk-module” to “cdk-module-completed”.
  3. Go to the Testing CI/CD Project Changes chapter to see how to deliver changes via the CI/CD pipeline.