To successfully execute any module of this workshop, following common requirements need to be fulfilled, in addition to any module-specific requirements outlined in each module guide.

If you are taking this lab within the scope of an Amazon event, in many cases a remote VM with all necessary prerequisites will be made available to workshop participants, so you may skip this chapter altogether. (Mac users, to access remote Windows VM, please ensure you have Remote Desktop Client installed).

Note to non-Windows users: since most modules are based on .NET Core version of the application, Mac and Linux users should have no trouble executing most modules. Mac users should be able to use either Visual Studio for Mac, or Jetbrains Rider as an IDE. Linux users should use Jetbrains Rider IDE. Also, some of the links below target Chocolatey - Windows package manager. Mac and Linux users could simply switch to Homebrew or yum/apt/etc package managers respectively.

(Although it is possible to use just dotnet CLI for this workshop, for simplicity and efficiency sake we dare to assume that takers of this workshop focusing on software development already know how to install their most basic tools, so the workshop guide could skip IDE etc. installation steps boilerplate.)

Software Required for Most Modules

Please note that AWS SDK release cycle is very short as the team iterates on the service very aggressively, which results in rapid introduction of sometimes breaking changes that may not always follow SemVer guidelines. It’s worth treating CDK minor version as major to minimize confusion. To get the AWS CDK version to install, check the content of the “./infra-as-code/CicdInfraAsCode/src/appsettings.json” file, from the Git repo root, and look for the value of the CdkVersion property.

The list above provides good baseline for required development environment. Some modules, however, will have additional requirements specified in the introduction section of each module.